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Today I made a melon rotate for the 4th year graphic design degree show :)

Finished final project  (at edinburgh college of art)
My garment tags for Lola belle were printed out for the meeting with QVC eeek fingers crossed they like my designs! (at cdd londonstudio, old street)

valentine’s cards :)

i made a book :)

hand made shoe key rings :)

"going H.A.M"
poster for my agency H.A.M
brief: respond to the phrase “Going H.A.M aka Hard as a Motherf**ker”

Print Me Make Me

Character Nets

collaboration with Matt Sloe

Print Me Make Me

House nets

collaborating with Matt Sloe

Print Me Make Me

General instructions

Character instructions

House instructions

The board design for Print Me Make Me
collaboration with illustrator Hannah Porter

Print Me Make Me

Brief: In collaboration with two illustrators, you are to design and make a set of printable paper models on the subject of your word (ARCHITECT)

Your printable objects must contain assembly instructions as well as the object itself. All the information must be contained within the A4 paper size. You must deliver a PDF file of your paper model on A4 sheets and a photograph of the assembled model(s)

I collaborated with two talented illustrators from Edinburgh College of Art, Matt Sloe and Hannah Porter to come up with this finished product. Our idea was to create a game to encourage kids to get creative with colouring and learn how to construct 3D objects from nets and instructions. The idea was that with the aid of their parents, kids could colour in the characters and houses, and even design their own house and draw themselves as an “architect” then construct the characters and houses, and then place them in correct location on the board.

To start off with we all worked together to come up with the general idea and name of the game, then we split off to work on our own contribution to the project. Hannah was in charge of the board design and Matt designed all the characters houses. 

As the graphic designer my job was to put everything together to make it look professional. I started off by designing the logo and creating the general instructions, which basically tells you what to expect in this pack, and some tips about scoring and folding. Next onto the characters and houses; Matt would design the characters and houses, scan them into the computer and then send them to me so I could mess around with them on photoshop. I would then print them off, construct them quickly and take a photograph. This would then also be put onto the design of the nets so the child could see what it was meant to look like. I also added construction lines, bits of text and the logo. I also created instructions showing how to assemble the characters, and a separate one for the houses. And the final thing, Hannah and I worked together to design the layout of the board. She spent ages on these beautiful illustrations, which we scanned into the computer, and then messed around on photoshop to make board design.

All in all, this project was a great way to teach us about teamwork. All three of us worked so well together, and this showed in our end product, and its all because we were in communication all the time. Other groups weren’t as successful because they weren’t staying in contact with each other. We all stuck to what we know we’re good at (and what we’re at uni for!) and as a team we produced a successful project. And best of all, I now have two talented pals in illustration who I will definitely stay in contact with for the future.

nostalgia poster for my agency H.A.M